David Cox, CFA, CMT, FCSI, FMA, BMath, and Donald Daggett, B.Sc., CIM, CIMA, PFP, are Portfolio Managers and Investment Advisors

Together, they bring over 50 years of combined experience dedicated to the management of client's wealth.

The investment industry is full of bias, sales and investment strategy pitches based on hope. We do things differently. We both made the decision, from the start, that our investment strategies would be based on our own research and set out to formally build our own portfolios, risk management and security selection techniques. The ability to adapt to changing market conditions with a focus on a more steady equity curve without the bear market drawdowns is the goal of our process. Risk management should be more highly valued than return management. Too many investors adopt a finger crossing, buy-and-hold approach instead of carefully assessing risks and probabilities when making decisions. We treat our client finances just as we treat our own finances. We invest in the way that our clients invest. Far too many advisors don't. Why not? Every member of our team is dedicated to building life-long client relationships based upon value, trust, and confidentiality. "Extreme Service" is our goal.